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Customer Commitment

Our Commitment

  • Our Commitment – is to your satisfaction, peace of mind, and success.  

  • Our Commitment – is to help your business succeed.  We diligently work to achieve that goal by providing high quality, cost effective, services and products that will create a clean and appealing environment for your customers, employees, and guests.

  • Our commitment – is to maximize your facility’s resources and operations, minimize complaints and oversight and respect your budget.

  • Our commitment – is to assume responsibility for the cleanliness, appearance and overall environment of your facility.

  • Our commitment – is to always work safely and be responsive, honest and pro-active.

Our People

Your facility and operations are too valuable to trust to inexperienced contractors. Our experienced team spends the time to make sure we understand your needs and concerns.  We furnish insured, trained personnel, who are local to the area of their employment. They are regionally directed by managers, who have over 150 years of aggregate experience.  Our employees are given training in cleaning methods, deportment, rules and regulations, safety and security requirements, and right-to-know involving cleaning chemicals, so they are ready to serve you safely and efficiently on day one.


Standard Methods

A consistent level of quality is provided by utilizing the latest industry standards, over 60 years of experience, and Customer feedback. These methods efficiently control time and material while complying with Customer’s specifications. Our cleaning methods employ the best of historically successful techniques and the latest technologies to keep our costs low, and in all cases are designed to satisfy our Customer’s requirements.


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